Monday, March 31, 2008

5 Essential Components of an On Page (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine is a powerful tool to deliver people who search information to our website. To get the right people come to our website, we as a webmaster must know how to optimize our web page in order to get higher rank in search engine. Here I’ll explain 5 essential components to optimize our web page.

1. Unique content, create a unique content and don’t you try to copy-paste, I repeat don’t you try to copy-paste other hard work, unique conten is easly indexed by most of search engine, beside that don forget to spread your keyword, the keyword that you want if people search information and type in a search engine.

2. Header Tags, use Header Tags for keyword you want, search engine likes very much content in Header Tags, once again don’t forget to use Header Tags in your writing.

3. Bold, italic dan underline, give some taste to your keyword you want :D. Use bold, italic and underline to your keyword and don’t use too much if it’s not look fit to your writing.

4. Alt in image tags, use Alt in your image tags, give keyword in alternative text for your image. Maybe search engine like that, but if not its look good if people don’t want to display image in their browser.

5. Link, give link in your writing, that link must forward people to related content with our writing. Don’t use link too much or search engine will hate your writing and its also look bad for your writing.

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